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Master of Fine Arts


Painting and Printmaking

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Holly Morrison

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Noah Simblist

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Corin Hewitt

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Cara Benedetto


Breaking History is a series of works – watercolors, sculpture, video, installation, and animation – based on interviews and conversations I have had across the years of my study. The human figure is at the center of my practice. I base my work on interaction and communion with diverse people. The project’s final turn, after February 24th, forcefully underlined the importance of history as a narrative and existential state for my research and work. Behind every piece in the series there is an individual narrative, which makes all my works instances of visual storytelling. My thesis consists of eight chapters. In the first two chapters I outline my methodology and the media I use, as well as explain the reasoning behind my choices. The third chapter, “Time Difference,” discusses my first-year project exhibited at XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia. Chapters four and six are dedicated to fleshing out a character I assumed during the second year of my study–that of a Russian spy. The fifth chapter contains snippets of interviews used for my work. Chapter seven, “Breaking History,” puts forward a reason for the project’s overhaul in the catastrophic political contexts of Russia’s war in Ukraine.


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