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The purpose of this study was to develop a performance profile of specialized literacy professionals. The International Literacy Association provided suggestions on how to prepare these professionals through the publication of The Standards for the Preparation of Literacy Professionals (ILA, 2018); however, there is little awareness of these standards in the field, nor of the proposed definitions of the roles and responsibilities of literacy professionals (Bean et al., 2017).

The findings of this explanatory sequential mixed methods design provided insight into the daily work of the specialized literacy professional. This data is significant because the findings support the overarching goal of supporting a culture of literacy in schools. Results from supporting literature and participant responses demonstrated that the role of literacy professionals is perceived differently by teachers and administrators. Perceptions included reflection on the complexity of responsibilities that vary from role to role, particularly with those who serve in a dual role. Participants also perceive themselves as having a strong sense of autonomy within their role. Recommendations suggest the International Literacy Association promote a greater awareness of Standards 2017 (ILA, 2018) and reconsider their role designations to include a description of one who serves a dual role. Finally, specialized literacy professionals should be supported as advocates for their role.


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