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Doctor of Philosophy



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Kweku-Muata Osei-Bryson

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Manoj Thomas

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Victoria Yoon

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Robert Dahlberg


Healthcare is a vast domain encompassing different specialties, health research, clinical trials, insurance policies, patient data and records management, etc. Information Governance (IG) in this context is useful in ensuring regulations for information sharing documenting, compliance regulations for organization, and managing an enormous volume of diagnostic and research-related information. The recent implementation of the GDPR and CCPA regulations, and inconsistent institutional policies and practices can further impact information management and clinical decision-making. This research provides an overview of these research issues - information governance in healthcare, information lifecycle management, interpretation of compliance regulations, and consent management and consent awareness. Using a hybrid analytical approach and synthesizing results, our first artifact the Integrated Concept Map (ICM) is designed. ICM is evaluated using illustrative scenarios and its validity is assessed using Link Analysis. Healthcare IG Ontology, the second DSR artifact is developed using the ICM. The ontology is then evaluated using a set of competency questions. The collective insights for both artifacts are elaborated as implications for theory and research.


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