Spark Gap



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Master of Fine Arts



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Gregory Volk


"Spark Gap" is an invisible electrical force made visible in spaces between things. This usually describes the space of air between two conductors; a non-conductive gap in an otherwise complete electric circuit, across which a quick luminous disruptive electrical discharge occurs. This interstitial space is the distance between two ideas, arced with a running leap. The arc can also be the difference between two things, a gap that becomes apparent only when the two are held in close proximity. In my thesis exhibition, "Spark Gap," a sea urchin shaped orb sits atop a tower of ladders. The orb is broken into five sections and reassembled, each fault line occurring along the perfect zigzag line of its cellular structure. On the floor, there is a linen shag rug, marked as if struck by lightning. This exhibition is named for an interstitial charge, arcing across distance or difference. But this charge is also found in intersections and similarities. Imagine the friction created by rubbing together the circles of a Venn diagram: the overlapping section would begin to spark. It is in these gaps and overlaps that I find the impetus for my work.


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June 2008