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Section one: short stories. All the stories in this section revolve around a character named Kevin, a comatose man experiencing a pseudo afterlife and the lives he didn’t choose while conscious and ambulatory. Each story contains this character in some way, and he’s either experiencing these stories from a first person perspective, or he appears as a secondary or tertiary character, with the intent being that while he is still the center of the overall narrative, he is able to see events outside of his own perspective.

Section two: novel excerpt. This section is taken from an untitled novel in progress. The story centers around a woman in her thirties who returns to her childhood home after her father dies, and the unsavory things she discovers about him as she begins to clean out the house to put it on the market.

Thematically, both sections explore the fallibility of memory and the role of nostalgia in recollection, as well as loneliness and the lengths one will go to do escape it.


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