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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Roberto Ventura

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Kristin Carleton

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Camden Whitehead

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Alexis Holcombe

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Sara Reed

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Burt Pinnock


there is a complex connectivity that we have with the built environment that goes beyond visual aesthetics and stimulates each of our senses. this connectivity is tied to our identity and the way we contextualize our experiences and our world. inspired by ethnographic observations, oscar newman’s seminal work, + the pruitt-igoe documentary, the project seeks to study the elements of this connectivity or in some cases the reduced connectivity within a public housing residential environment.

what contributes to this reduced connectivity?

newman examined it from an architectural perspective, exterior elements of building, space designation, corridors, skip|stop elevators, circulation patterns, natural surveillance opportunities. other researchers (domestic + international) emphasized the importance of interior elements that contribute to a sense of belonging and ownership that include personalization, spatial layout, light, relational qualities between rooms, occupancy standards, and the spaces that support socialization.


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