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Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts

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Orla McHardy

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Semi Ryu

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MK Abadoo

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Cara Benedetto




by muthi reed, M.F.A

A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Program Director: Stephen Vitiello

Committee: Semi Ryu, Orla McHardy, MK Abadoo, Cara Benedetto

AGAIN BLACK AGAIN. ABA-BBABB is documentation of a reparations practice and articulations for a reparations manifesto devised by the artist. Reparations begins with the self. Singing truth to the self. Talking with the self. The thesis organizes around the problems of surveillance and myth making about Black people and the subsequent source of self-regard, conjure and social dreaming that remain under threat of violence and in constant need of devotion. ABA-BBABB generates it's own coded algorithms that travel virtual and ancestral pathways using QR code, archival images and viral media material as eco locative subtext to an avatar Black Queer migrant experience. My artist approach articulates an immersive practice of spatial presence, speech and hwadu writing, posture and ritual performance acts, symbols, light and color imaging and long play offerings for a Black Sound that would support such a manifesto. Æffectively Black is…. as James Brown teaches us not a skin color. Black is an attitude.


How, Who, Black? Black like the center of the universes. Black like all the ancients. Black like the people you would other. We need some protection. We need some peace.


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