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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Marco Bruno

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Basma Hamdy

Third Advisor

Astrid Kensinger

Fourth Advisor

Simone Muscolino

Fifth Advisor

Maysaa Almumin


Six centuries ago in Kosova, my home country, unmarried women known as sworn virgins, were forced to adopt a male persona and carry a gun to protect themselves. But today, guns have become tools of oppression and violence against women. And while the legal system carries penalties for domestic violence, marital rape is excluded. To shine a light on, and expose the topic of hidden violence, my thesis uses artivism to address a sensitive but provocative issue, exhibiting a large-scale sculpture of a gun, designed to provoke raw emotions; to challenge visitors to consider the terror felt by women threatened at gunpoint. The sculpture incarnates trauma, and manifests gendered-violence concepts, asking how these weapons shifted from tools of liberation to tools of oppression.


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