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Master of Fine Arts


Craft/Material Studies

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Scott Braun

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Kendall Buster

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Susan Ganch

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A. Blair Clemo


I’m a first-generation Canadian who was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario by Asian immigrants. I have migrated to the United States and lived here for 7 years. Through my work, I express the emotional value of preconceived notions, disconnectedness, and longing in search of finding place and acceptance within a community. Drawing from memory, personal narrative, emotion, and perception, I manipulate data into lines, forms, and materials through a subjective human experience from the lens of a non-citizen. By projecting the migration movement of my family lineage from China and the Philippines to Canada as well as my path to the United States, I am deconstructing and reconstructing meaning and purpose of fragmented identity. Through the use of statistical data that represents migration patterns, my own identification number, and metaphors around borders and access, I am exploring representations of phenomena, displacement, belonging, and defeat as a response to social and cultural order. Through my formal training as a woodworker, the work aims to communicate sympathy through hardship, accessibility, and the desire of a migrant finding place. I produce aesthetically engaging sculptural forms made from reclaimed solid wood, found materials, and domestic construction building materials at an architectural scale.


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