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This paper challenges the misconceptions and misinformed views against theatre and education's value, purpose, and intention. Obstructionists outside and within seek to discredit and hobble theatre and education's ability to improve lives in the United States. This paper addresses the root cause of many often-selfish attitudes within the theatre and education communities. It points out the magnitude of the danger that certain behaviors and elitist attitudes have for the future of both communities. Over time, the skewed interpretation of respected theatre practitioners has colored perspectives far beyond their time, and this paper addresses that. Like religion, truths often get lost in translation from one generation to another. This paper then presents historical evidence, documented examples, and recorded research that contradict the claims and challenge old, outdated views. Views that ignore changing times and the needs that society requires. This paper points out why they must adapt to survive as artists and educators. Finally, it champions technology to improve theatre and education’s capacity to reach the masses and alter life trajectories for the greater good. Through this effort, this paper draws further attention to the often-selfish intentions behind the detractors of arts and education. Ultimately, this paper points out that both fields are dynamic and intended to evolve to serve the changing needs of society. Theatre and education are the same in many ways and complement one another with their differences. In the end, this paper will remind the reader that both fields, in tandem, define a culture’s legacy. You cannot have one without the other if one seeks complete harmony of purpose and a better world.


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