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Marcus Messner


Many studies have examined the impact of social media on user behavior, but few have compared specific platforms in the Middle East. This study compares the uses and gratifications of Saudi Twitter and Snapchat users. The study sought to determine what motivations Saudi students have for joining each of these platforms, what gratifications they get from using them, and how the gratifications and motivations obtained might affect habitual use of Snapchat and Twitter in Saudi Arabia. Data from in-person interviews with Snapchat and Twitter users were qualitatively analyzed through the lens of Uses and Gratifications Theory. This study found that conforming to social trends was a more effective motive for joining social media given the collectivist nature of Saudi society. On the other hand, entertainment and news/information seeking were the most commonly obtained gratifications. The study also found that privacy was a significant factor determining whether participants picked Snapchat or Twitter as their preferred platform.


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