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Elizabeth Edmondson

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Lisa Abrams

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LaRon Scott

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Hyunju Lee


This study was designed to assess how the Zero Barriers in STEM Education professional development (PD) course affected teacher attitudes and confidence in teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) content to students with disabilities. A convergent mixed-methods case study analysis was used. The research questions were devised by examining answers on a pre-survey and post-survey. Documentation included a full analysis of two pre- and post-surveys, teacher implementation logs, team action plans, program evaluations, and semi-structured interviews. Barriers included time to plan and implement the outlined strategies and administrative and colleague support. This research uncovered some of the difficulties of implementing new PD in the classroom, along with the many outside factors that can affect PD outcomes. Despite these factors and the challenges of teaching during a pandemic, more positive attitudes about the Zero Barriers in STEM Education PD were found, making this model one that other professional organizations may want to follow when developing future science PD courses.


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