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Doctor of Philosophy



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Kimberly Bridges

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Jonathan Becker

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Lisa Abrams

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Susan Proffitt


This dissertation study examined the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the K-12 School Principalship and attempted to forecast the future of the principalship post-Pandemic. Using a forecasting method known as the Delphi Technique, I solicited public K-12 principals working in the Commonwealth of Virginia with at least 3 years of administrative experience to serve as participants. In total, 26 practicing principals completed three questionnaires offering their expert opinions on pre-Pandemic roles and responsibilities of the school principal and how those roles were impacted throughout the Pandemic. Additionally, the participants made predictions about the future of the school principalship. Findings revealed the top three pre-Pandemic roles and responsibilities were building relationships, instructional leadership, and promoting school safety. Participants also explained that their job throughout the Pandemic evolved from supervising virtual instruction, to monitoring COVID-19 mitigation strategies, to managing teacher absenteeism and increased student disciplinary infractions. Participants forecasted that each of the following will be long term challenges (lasting more than five years) for school principals: decreased student achievement, low morale among teachers, student social emotional challenges, and teacher shortages.


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