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Doctor of Philosophy



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Dr. Christine Bae


Students must employ self-regulated learning (SRL) and socially-regulated learning (soRL) in the science classroom, which includes a wide array of independent and collaborative learning activities. However, little is known about how student SRL and soRL co-occur in students’ learning and how the classroom teacher influences that regulation in situ (Cabrera et al., in preparation; Panadero et al., 2015). This explanatory, sequential case study analyzes classroom video data from six middle school science classrooms. The study uses an integrated coding scheme that captures SRL and soRL behaviors, soRL modes, and targets of regulation (Greene & Azevedo, 2009; Hadwin et al., 2018; Heirwig et al., 2019; and Zimmerman, 2002). Results show that student SRL and soRL behaviors are influenced by the activity structure and physical layout of the classroom, regulatory behaviors mostly manifest as behavioral and cognitive regulation in the performance phase, and teachers impact student regulation by prompting behavioral monitoring and comprehension monitoring. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed in addition to future directions for SRL and soRL research.


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