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Introduction: Low SES pregnant women are a chronically stressed population with various negative maternal newborn effects due to stress. They desire social support to cope with stress. Increasingly, this population uses social media to obtain social support. However, the experiences of using social media to obtain social support are unknown. Therefore, the central research question is: what are the experiences of low SES pregnant women seeking social support via pregnancy and parenting Facebook groups?

Methods: Guided interviews of low SES pregnant women who use Facebook groups for pregnancy and parenting occurred in May 2022. Following the interviews, qualitative analysis was completed.

Analysis: Several themes emerged. The overarching theme is social support through an online community and connections and information support with affirmation woven through as a way to build connections. Additionally, participants felt that healthcare providers should recommend Facebook groups to obtain social support.

Conclusions: Most participants found their experiences via Facebook overwhelmingly positive, even with some negative experiences. Participants did find social support via Facebook groups. However, it is unknown what effect this social support has on their chronic stress.


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