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Dr. Yi Wen Wei


This arts-informed research study explored the experiences of local community artists and educators working to radically transform and heal the experiences of underinvested Black students in Richmond through collaborative arts engagement. Through a series of seven one-on-one interviews with Black teaching artists in the Richmond community, I was able to uncover how collaboration has and can continue to improve the well-being and livelihoods of Black students in Richmond. Also, by tapping into the local Mending Walls mural project, I was able to make a tangible connection between the Richmond community, art, and collaboration. An analysis of the interviews led to the identification of three major themes that progressively outline the necessary components of beneficial collaboration: Acknowledgment, Engagement, and Upliftment. The goal of this research is to utilize the findings detailed within each theme to help transform local student learning environments through collaborative community art investment. The findings of this research were more practically communicated through a curricular guidebook, which can be utilized as an entry point for teachers to explore collaborative making, the Mending Walls project, and community engaged reference points. By building relationships between teachers, students, and the local community, with a focus on the positive connections and associations that students have with their community cultures, collaborative artmaking can become a space for enhancing and healing student learning.


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