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This is an invitation into the delicate space of living between two worlds, of having feelings of happiness and sadness at the same time. Delicate emotions and situations which are not easy to share but are paramount in my research of what it takes to want more out of being just a parent, come from a certain country than the one I am living in, and navigate between two cultures. This is a journey around some of the experiences I have faced when I found myself in a different space other than the one I grew up in. The research has been focusing on some of the things I used to cope with being in a new environment that has different cultures. I invite the reader to look at these issues through the work and how I have translated these mechanisms into my work. My interest is the dualities of:

  1. Being a Zimbabwean woman studying in America

  2. Having my Zimbabwean culture overlapping with some of the American cultures

  3. Being a parent in graduate school

I am discussing the dualities of all the things I have written above and how both are unique and different in their way. I am also discussing the in-between space where these things come together.


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