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Dr. Caroline Carrico

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Dr. Omar Abubaker


Objective: The purpose was to evaluate whether craniofacial patients and their parents have adequate access to care, perceive this care as high quality, and believe that the incorporation of telehealth visits would benefit their current system of craniofacial care. Methods: An original survey was developed and sent to families in treatment with the Virginia Commonwealth University craniofacial team. The tool was used to gather demographic information and assess opinions toward access to, outcomes of, and telehealth services for craniofacial care. Patients 18 years and older took the survey for themselves, while patients under 18 years old had a parent/guardian take the survey on their behalf. Responses were summarized with descriptive statistics and comparisons made between insurance types and income levels using chi-squared and t-tests as appropriate. vii Results: Forty-five responses were obtained from 144 contacted subjects. The majority were from parents of patients. Travel and cost were the factors most commonly ranked as barriers by individual respondents, but on average no factor was considered to be a barrier by the survey population. Income and insurance type were not significantly associated with hindering access to care. Quality of care was highly rated for treatment outcomes overall and for experiences with specific departments. Respondents felt neutral about telehealth overall, but those with past telehealth experience were significantly more likely to want it incorporated into their craniofacial care (p < 0.01). Conclusion: Respondents had satisfactory treatment outcomes and good access to care regardless of income and insurance status. While there was minimal desire to use virtual visits currently, it is likely that more patients and families will be amenable to its use as it becomes more widespread.


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