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Dr. James R. Lance


The purpose of this study was evaluate the interobserver reliability of endodontists in the diagnosis the presence or absence of pulpal and/or periradicular disease. The study used 47 patients presenting to the VCU School of Dentistry for screening appointments as a test population under the rules and regulations of the VCU IRB. The patients were examined separately by two endodontists, using a thorough patient history, clinical exam, and radiographs. The answer to the question was then answered, does the patient have pulpal and/or periradicular disease, and compared. The data was analyzed using Kappa and the standard error was determined to test for statistical significance. Observers agreed 88% of the time with a Kappa of 0.74. This was determined to represent a bona fide reliability with p<.0001. The results indicate that agreement among endodontists is very good when patients are evaluated for pulpal and/or periradicular disease.


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June 2008