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Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

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Dr. Daren Chen


This dissertation emphasizes the need for efficient energy use in buildings and transportation due to global warming and the energy crisis. It suggests that improving energy efficiency can help reduce energy consumption and emissions and support sustainability. The dissertation introduces various transparent materials that can block near-infrared (NIR) radiation from solar radiation to save energy and money, and it highlights the growing market value of such products. The dissertation compares tungsten bronze with other NIR shielding materials and shows its advantages. The dissertation introduces a cheap and environmentally friendly method for continuously producing tungsten bronze particles via aerosol synthesis. Particle size is crucial for optimal NIR shielding, and the dissertation investigates the most suitable size for this purpose. Additionally, the dissertation presents research on the optical modeling of tungsten bronze particles for practical NIR shielding applications, including the effect of particle size, concentration, and shape on NIR optics. Overall, the dissertation stresses the importance of improving energy efficiency and presents methods and materials to reduce energy consumption and support sustainability in various sectors, including buildings and transportation.


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Available for download on Monday, May 06, 2024