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Master of Science


Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

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Dr. Jessika Rojas


This thesis investigates the radiation shielding effectiveness of hafnium diboride (HfB2) reinforced epoxy composites, with the aim of enhancing radiation protection and safety in various applications. The study focuses on the development and characterization of HfB2-epoxy composites with varying weight percentages of HfB2 nanoparticles, as well as on the evaluation of their shielding effectiveness against gamma rays and thermal neutrons. The radiation shielding performance of the composites is assessed using gamma-ray spectroscopy and neutron counting, and the neutron attenuation efficacy is compared with that of 5% borated high-dense polyethylene. The results indicate that the HfB2-epoxy composites exhibit promising radiation shielding properties, with higher mass attenuation coefficients and lower half-value layers than some conventional materials. Overall, this study demonstrates the potential of HfB2-epoxy composites as effective and versatile radiation shielding materials, with implications for radiation protection and safety in diverse fields such as transportation and storage of radioactive materials, medical imaging, and nuclear power.


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