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Master of Science


Chemical and Life Science Engineering

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James K. Ferri


Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is part of a long-term trend toward model-centric approaches adopted by many engineering disciplines. This work establishes the need for an MBSE approach by reviewing the importance, complexity, and vulnerability of the U.S. chemical supply chains. The origins, work processes, modeling approaches, and supporting tools of the systems engineering discipline (SE) are discussed, along with the limitations of the current Process Systems Engineering (PSE) framework. The case is made for MBSE as a more generalizable and robust approach. Systems modeling strategies for MBSE are introduced, as well as a novel MBSE method that supports the automation tailored and extended to support the analysis of chemical supply chains. This work demonstrate the potential of MBSE approaches in chemical manufacturing by presenting two cases studies involving two different Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Atropine and Albuterol. The conclusion offers a prospectus on developmental opportunities for extracting greater benefit from MBSE in the design and management of chemical supply chains.


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