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Master of Fine Arts


Photography and Film

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Paul Thulin-Jimenez

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Sonali Gulati

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Jack Wax


"A Theory of General Relativity" is a quiet exploration into the poetic and scientific ways we inhabit space and time. This work is a manifestation of the time I spent being my grandmother's caretaker and exists now in the form of an artist book, an exhibition of framed photographs with glass objects, and this written thesis. Throughout those five years, I became consumed by the relationships between Mothers and Daughters, which brought into excruciatingly sharp focus seemingly simple questions like: who are we, what have we done to each other, what do we owe to each other, do I reap what you sow, and can we only act according to our nature? As an unreliable narrator, the following is my answer to those questions, or the truth, as far as I can see it… more or less.


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