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Master of Fine Arts


Craft/Material Studies

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A. Blair Clemo

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Elissa Armstrong

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Bohyun Yoon


I wanted to attend VCU to learn how to unravel my mind and find the words to describe it. While I did make progress in that area, my surprise discovery is that I need to unravel my body too. It has become unbalanced from years of neglect. When working, I find solace through escape. I find a positive outlet for my perfectionist tendencies. I find a way to visually illustrate my obsessive qualities. Throughout the years of these findings, I have ignored my body pleading with me to take it easy. I have always honored the materials and the tools, but not my body. In creating Welcome to the Sitting Garden at the Busy Hands Museum my focus was to find a way to share my love of the physical world while understanding that first and foremost, I have to take care of myself.


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