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Dr. Marcia Winter

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Dr. Jennifer Rohan

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Dr. Rosalie Corona


This study aims to assess 1) patterns of family functioning and 2) longitudinal associations between family functioning patterns and well-being in a vulnerable cohort of children with chronic illness. Caregivers of hematology (16.4%) and oncology (83.6%) patients ages 7-20 (N=55; Mage = 13.3 [SD = 2.7]; 52.7% female; 45.5% non-Latinx White, 38.2% Black or African American, 12.7% Latinx, 1.8% Asian, and 1.8% multi-racial,) reported on family functioning via the Family Assessment Device. Cluster analyses identified three mutually exclusive clusters: one high adaptive group, one moderate adaptive group, and one maladaptive group. Group membership was not significantly associated with child psychological distress or quality of life. Results provide insight into family processes for children with a blood disorder or cancer and offer direction for future work that aims to identify predictors of resilience in this population.


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