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Master of Fine Arts


Photography and Film

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Sonali Gulati

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Mark Boulos

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Stephen Vitello


This paper introduces the concepts, theories, and techniques associated with my thesis project “To, From.” The paper consists of three parts: Time as Structure, Distance as Premise, and Body and Mind. Each chapter is written in a mixture of personal narration and a general introduction to materials that are directly or implicatively relevant and important to the creation of my project. In this experimental narrative comprises film screening and live performance with multi-channel sound, I tell a story of non-story. Words and the exchange of words, movements and non- movements, objects that are being handled and subjects that are handling... all of the elements become gestures, the representation of the thing instead of the thing itself. In the constructed multitude of temporality, operating under the idea of remaining distance, the apparatus of cinema and theatre, of mise-en-scenè culminates an experience of different experiences.


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