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Master of Fine Arts


Dean's Office Qatar

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Marco Bruno

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Peter Martin

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Amy Andres


Sholoukh — ritual face scarring—is a dying art form in Sudan.

Used to distinguish members of one tribe from another,

Sholoukh reflects the tribal pride of an individual. In the past,

sholoukh was seen as important as having a passport for a tribe

member, however, it was not always applied by choice. Using

just a razor blade, the wisest, most senior tribal elder would scar

the face of a child, initiating them into the tribe for life.

As this tribal art form fades away, the dwindling Sholoukh-bearers

have become living legends in Sudan. To honor them, I create

a collage of images of these beautifully scarred individuals.

To celebrate Sholoukh and its symbols while giving choice back

to the individual, I create a set of facial tools that allow someone

to experience the beauty of Sholoukh either temporarily

or permanently, preserving this Sudanese cultural treasure and

reviving it for future generations and using it to celebrate the

diversity Sudan carries.


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