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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Joseph H. Seipel


Much of my artistic inspiration comes from my walks in nature. I explore the many different textures of stones, wood chips, tree bark, water ripples, lily pads, birds' feathers, and webbed feet. I find that the reflections on the surface of a pond, and the shadows and highlights on my subjects, are most beautifully captured as they are veiled by the dusk sunset. Sometimes I prefer to capture an image more inclusive of the environment. Other times I am more intrigued by the up close view of a subject, sometimes abstracting it. Through photography I can capture the quiet moments in nature, whether shooting an image of the graceful gaze in a goose's eye, or the ripples created on a pond's surface after a duck glides by. The colors of nature are quite beautiful, but often add an extra element of distraction in photos. Soft black and white nature images are my way of providing a quiet contrast to the everyday hustle and bustle we have all become so accustomed to.


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June 2008