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Dr. Ivo Torres Filho


Resonance Raman spectroscopy can be used to estimate the hemoglobin oxygen saturation. Previous studies have demonstrated that exposure of oxygenated red blood cells to laser illumination may result in photo-induced displacement of oxygen from hemoglobin. In this study, an in vitro model was used to evaluate the relationship between this photo-induced effect and the red blood cell velocity. A computer-controlled system was implemented to acquire variables such as red cell velocity, microvessel diameter and hemoglobin oxygen saturation at multiple sites in selected microvascular networks. Using this system, resonance Raman spectroscopy was employed to measure hemoglobin oxygen saturation gradients in arterioles and venules of the rat mesentery in vivo. In several in vitro experimental conditions, there was a significant decrease in photodamage as red cell velocity increased. As blood flowed downstream in arterioles and venules, increased red blood cell velocity was associated with smaller hemoglobin oxygen saturation gradients in vivo.


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June 2008

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