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Dr. Everett Carpenter


The sizes of nonionic reverse micelles were investigated as a function of the molecular structure of the surfactant, the type of oil, the total concentration of surfactant [NP], the ratio of NP4 to total surfactant (r), the water to surfactant molar ratio (ω), temperature, salt concentration, and polar phase. The basis of our investigation was nonylphenol polyethoxylates - NP4 and NP7. Micelle sizes were determined using dynamic light scattering (DLS). A central composite experimental design was used to quantitatively model reverse micelle size as a function of ω, [NP], and r. The model has demonstrated the capability of predicting the mean diameter of micelles from 4 to 13 nm with a precision of ± 2 nm as measured by DLS. This quantitative correlation between the size of reverse micelles and the synthetic variables provides the foundation for choosing experimental conditions to control reverse micelle size.


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June 2008

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