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Master of Science


Anatomy & Neurobiology

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Dr. Raymond J. Colello


Hippocampal neurons are vulnerable to injury, as indicated by the prevalence of learning and memory deficits following traumatic brain injury. Research indicates that proliferation of neural precursor cells increases following brain injury, which implies that there is an endogenous response in the hippocampus to replenish neurons and restore cognitive function. Studies show that mitogenic growth factors may drive this proliferative response; one of which is epidermal growth factor. Because adults and the elderly manifest the most enduring deficits following TBI, it is critical to investigate how EGF expression following injury may relate to injury-induced cell proliferation and the degree of cognitive recovery observed with aging. In the current study, we assessed the temporal and spatial expression of EGF in the injured hippocampus with age. Our results suggest that EGF expression increases following TBI, and this increase is more significant in the younger brain. Additionally, we investigated the phenotype and localization of cells that express EGF following injury.


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June 2008