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Master of Science


Pharmacology & Toxicology

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Dr. David Gewirtz


The use of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer has stimulated the demand for better chemotherapeutic agents that are more potent at destroying tumor cell populations and more selective for the specific tumor versus normal host tissues. This project is directed at discovering new anti-tumor agents that are effective against breast cancer based on structures derived from marine organisms, specifically brominated pyrroles. We utilized an in vitro breast cancer model to study the effects of pyrroles on tumor proliferation and survival, as well as growth arrest and cell death. Our findings indicate that the substituted pyrrole JG-03-14 induces time dependent cell death in breast tumor cells where the cell death involves apoptosis and autophagy. Residual growth arrest in p53 wild type cells is characteristic of senescence. JG-03-14 also demonstrated substantial anti-proliferative effects in multi-drug resistant cells. These findings indicate JG-03-14 would potentially be developed for the treatment of breast cancer.


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June 2008