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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Art

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Joseph H. Seipel


In my work, I have chosen to pursue the antiquated, experimental, and alternative processes of photography. A digital image, a web page, an e-book all point to the current pace of a society concerned with the beauty it can access in a moment of instant gratification. It often has no regard for a process that requires personal discipline to capture a moment, a place, or an idea. I find little enjoyment in the immediate, when I can instead experience what happens when the combination of chemicals, glass, wood, and the environment turn a potential photograph into an inimitable encounter. It is through the older and more involved processes that I have been able to express my love of the moments and the places often unnoticed by the passer-by. It is in these moments when I feel the pace of the world slow, and I can think, pray, and work in a stillness unmatched by modern technology.


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June 2008