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Master of Science


Pediatric Dentistry

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Dr. Tegwyn Brickhouse


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the knowledge and treatment protocols for physicians in Virginia emergency departments in regards to the emergent treatment of avulsed teeth.Methods: Using a cross sectional survey design, an 8-item questionnaire regarding the treatment of avulsed teeth was emailed to 75 emergency department chairpersons in Virginia. After 30 days, a reminder paper copy of the questionnaire was mailed and an email reminder with the on-line link was sent. After 60 days the study was closed. Comparisons were made using chi-square analysis based on percentages to test for significance. Results: The response rate was 52 % (n = 39). There were no associations between physician knowledge of the treatment of avulsed teeth and whether there was a protocol for treatment, an in-house dental team, or an on-call dentist available. Conclusion: Most of the physicians have some knowledge of the treatment of avulsed teeth; however further training would help ensure appropriate treatment.


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June 2008