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Master of Fine Arts


Communication Arts & Design

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Dr. Laura Chessin


Many current media images of women have underlying messages that affect our psyche in a negative way, whether or not we are aware. These images convey an unrealistic, distorted view of ideals and perfection, which create an unattainable model to live up to. As women, we should be cherishing our uniqueness, but, rather than celebrating and accepting ourselves, we are taught to judge and conceal. This project seeks to address inner beauty as a reflection of our energy, vitality, wisdom and the mental, as well as emotional, engagement in our lives. The terms perfection and imperfection will be redefined and applied to inward rather than outward appearance. Through a photographic study, this project will emphasize the value and beauty in aging. In the end, I would like to encourage my audience to not only recognize but also understand and accept the difference between media images and their own self-images.


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June 2008