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Dr Noreen Barnes-McLain


"Combat Dance" is an eclectic blend of combat and dance art forms combined and taught from the Fall 2001 to Spring 2003. As defined here, combat dance is a blend of techniques and principles gleaned from both unarmed and armed aspects of stage combat, martial arts (such as aikido and kung fu), modern dance and other expressive movements used to tell a story of conflict. Its primary purpose is to provide both actors and non-actors greater awareness and control of their bodies and to provide a range of creative avenues of expression. Combat dance gives the performers a unique and holistic set of exercises and skills that leave no part of the body, mind, or - even deeper - the spirit uninfluenced. The thesis begins with the vision and birth of the class, a description of the preparatory research, an analysis of the reasons for the class, and reflection, revelations, and realizations gained through teaching the class. The ultimate focus of this thesis is to aid anyone interested in any type of combat or dance-related movements: dancers, non-dancers, actors, non-actors, movement coaches, and even those in the fields of dance or drama therapy.


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