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Master of Science


Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Hadis Morkoc


Described in this thesis are the growth and characterization of high quality ZnO epitaxy layers.Zinc oxide (ZnO) epitaxy layers were grown on sapphire and epi-GaN substrates respectively, using plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) . Various growth conditions, such as growth temperature, II/VI ratio, and buffer layers, were employed to optimize the quality of the ZnO film. The subsequent characterization of the films was carried out to evaluate the surface, optical and crystalline properties of the film, using AFM, SEM, PL and XRD techniques. It was found out that the high quality of the ZnO film was grown on epi-GaN substrates under the Low temperature of ~ 300 degrees C, flash annealing up to ~680 degrees C, followed by high temperature growth at ~600 degrees C.


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June 2008