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Master of Science


Environmental Sciences

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Dr. R. Leonard Vance


Construction and Demolition (C&D) processing and recycling facilities accept waste materials that are generated during construction and demolition activities. The processing facility sorts, processes, and transfers the material to another operation. A consequence of these processes is the generation of particulate matter.This study involved quantifying and qualifying airborne particulates at three C&D processing facilities. Active stationary particulate sampling devices were employed to quantify the particle sizes of interest. Results were compared to United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Ambient Air Quality Standards(NAAQS) and United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)standards.The results from this study are not valid for determination of compliance with NAAQS or OSHA standards. However, the data indicate that C&D processing facilities may exceed current NAAQS at certain locations, but do not exceed OSHA standards. These results can be used by the industry as an engineering tool to reduce airborne particulate levels during normal operations of C&D facilities.


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June 2008