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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Art

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Joseph H. Seipel


Paintings and drawings are the physical representations of my dialogue with the world around me. Art is how I connect to what is too large, or too vague, or too personally meaningful to express in any other way. Space and its transformation by light and color have always been central to this dialogue. I am particularly intrigued by spatial ambiguity. Space exists for us only in how it relates to us and so, space changes. One viewpoint or state of mind might make space seem freeing, while another makes the same space feel confining. Barriers are sometimes delineated, sometimes obscured. At other times, they are broken. This has a political implication which appears in my work as fissures, fences, compression, and collapse.The space of my inner self, the space outside, and the space between the two are relationships that drive what I paint and draw. My art is the place where I acknowledge the cracks in the ice and where I try to keep from falling through when the ground opens up. Shifting planes are where I try to keep my balance while peeking through the cracks and over the edge.


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June 2008