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Master of Arts


Painting and Printmaking

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Richard Roth


I assist discarded collectives of objects to volunteer themselves for inclusion into the privileged legacy of flatness – assuring them they can be transformed into Painting. Reducing my interventions - often to mere arrangement - respects the possibility of this transformation while frankly retaining the objects' original functional identities. Every surface of any object is a readymade painting – especially flat ones. By stacking objects and aligning their surfaces on one privileged side into a flat mega-surface, I am composing and collaging – even building – a painting. With my amateur interest in German I latch upon the double meaning of "Bild" to title my objects, describing my continued interest in the space between painting and sculpture. All my projects transform found objects into ambiguous objects described by Donald Judd as "neither painting nor sculpture". In addition to the Bilds projects such as the Cutllages, the Kitsch Paintings, Soap Drawings, Text Tubes, and List Drawings investigate different ways to transform the found object into painting.While my work is formalist it is decidedly post-modernist in its embodiment of the qualities described by Craig Owens in The Allegorical Impulse: Toward a Theory of Postmodernism.


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