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Master of Science


Pediatric Dentistry

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Dr. Tegwyn Brickhouse


Purpose: To determine which maintenance gas (sevoflurane versus desflurane) resulted in a faster emergence from general anesthesia and investigate the patient's emergence agitation. Methods: One group was maintained during general anesthesia with sevoflurane and the other with desflurane. Upon emergence the patient's behavior was evaluated.Results: The average emergence time for desflurane was 9.8; while the average for sevoflurane was 13.98 minutes. Patients who received premedication had an emergence time of 15.43 minutes, while patients who received no premedication emerged after 8.34 minutes.Zofran® was a significant predictor of purposeful actions. Patients were more aware of their surroundings when they received Zofran® compared to patients who did not receive Zofran®.Conclusion: Maintaining with desflurane and not premedicating patients allowed for a faster emergence from general anesthesia. Patients given Zofran® in their IV during the surgery had less emergence agitation then their counterparts.


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June 2008