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Doctor of Philosophy


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Dr. Blue E. Wooldridge


Poverty, Inequality & Terrorism Relationship in TurkeyUsing empirical evidence criminological studies have identified a relationship between poverty and crime and many studies have concluded that a high crime rate is associated with a higher poverty rate. Other studies indicate that inequalities are a better determinant of crime than absolute poverty. Social disorganization theory, anomie strain theory and Marxist theory have been used to explain the phenomenon. Guided by the aforementioned theories and previous literature on crime, this study looks at the terrorism issue and explores whether a relationship exists between poverty, inequality and terrorist incidents. The main hypothesis of this study indicates that higher poverty and higher inequalities are related to higher number of terrorist incidents. This study examines Turkey's terrorism problem in depth and identifies some factors that are related to the formation of terrorism. It is believed that this may assist help policy makers to develop new policies that can eliminate fertile ground where terrorism easily finds support. The researcher uses secondary data analysis; data for number of terrorist incidents are derived from the Turkish National Police's database, and other demographic and economic variable data are derived from Turkish Statistical Institute, and Government Planning Office. A multiple regression analysis technique is used to identify the effect of independent variables on the dependent variable, number of terrorist incidents. The results of the statistical analysis show that there is a statistically significant relationship between the percentage of population living below the poverty line, unequal distribution of some government resources, such as unequal distribution of education services, and unequal distribution of public investment. Findings also show that higher populated provinces may experience greater terrorist incidents. Additionally, the percentage of young in the population is also found to be related to the number of terrorist incidents.


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June 2008