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Dr. Noreen C. Barnes


I know it is my core, my purest nature to incessantly question myself and everything around me; as we pertain to the universe. As Robert Wilson suggests "I will always ask 'What is it?' before telling you what it is." My goal is to present you with some tools with which to approach your craft, your life, your uncertainties. And though I may not always be the best example, I still wish to encourage all that read this or spend time with me to see this craft/business and indeed your life as a great, happy adventure; guided by love. Because this will always lead to good and positive experiences, whatever path you find yourself on.In what I am doing now I am preparing to transition from a career in makeup into my next interest/phase/period with energy and excitement. Not disappointment, regret or rejection as I have seen over the years when this business is done with someone. And I think my timing is just about right, as I have done it while I am still in demand, while my phone is still ringing, while I am still at the top of my game, my craft.If this collection of thoughts is perceived a success or is widely read, discussed, or deliberated, because I have aimed it at, geared it toward or written it for success or sensationalism, then I have failed, and this amounts to little more than advertising or cheap unsatisfying tabloid television. But if this in any way grabs, challenges, informs, suspends you, makes you question or dream then like theatre when it is at its truest, most profound, rawest, absolutely undecorated, it serves its purpose: To move us forward to new debate, to new exploration of this/our condition.


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June 2008