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A fingerprint can identify an individual, yet it tells us nothing specific about the person it belongs to. It is almost invisible, yet it can be traced. Hair can be both beautiful and repulsive, depending on its context--It is an element of the body that lingers, amazingly, after decay.I am inspired by my observations of natural occurring phenomena. The impermanence of all things speaks to me in a whisper. I am captivated by the traces and residue of life that lingers and will eventually dissolve. Using glass, paper, wax, and film I make objects and installations that give physical form to something fleeting. My work is a record of my process. I use imprints and textures of my body to leave a trace or mark on my surroundings--You are here. A pushpin on a giant map represents the earth and our location on it. Working with magnification and systems that generate form, my work embodies a preservation of the ephemeral with all of its unimaginable residual effects.


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