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The VCU Faculty Handbook is not a complete guide to academics, research and other services, but is intended as a reference point to orient new and continuing faculty to the university and provide additional sources for information. Faculty members are highly encouraged to explore the VCU Policy Library via for additional university-level policies and procedures. For detailed school or department information, please reach out to the specific departmental office.

The VCU Office of Faculty Affairs is committed to updating the Handbook on a yearly basis. For questions please email

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Please note the following update to the 2018-19 Faculty Handbook.

Updated 12/13/2018

"Educational Leave of Absence with One-Half Pay or without Pay This benefit (regardless of funding source) is available for a maximum of one year to full-time faculty who have been employed by the university for at least one year; are in good standing with the university, as determined by the appropriate department head; have been accepted into an approved course of study at an accredited institution of higher learning or the planned coursework is in the institution's best interest; and obtain the proper approvals at least 30 days in advance." (pg. 35)

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The VCU Faculty Handbook contains information about the university, its campuses and the surrounding community.

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