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Research Report

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March 2019


VCU, established in 1968, is a young, vibrant and rapidly growing institution. Whereas components of VCU are well established, venerable, and well-recognized institutions, VCU suffers from a lack of name recognition and reputation in comparison with our peer institutions. Similarly, there is a general lack of appreciation for the strength of VCU programs at the regional, local and even institutional level. This project is designed to showcase, at the local and institutional level, the special contributions and triumphs of VCU and its staff, including both the cutting edge research and academic accomplishments and the powerful and compelling human interest stories that contribute to the richness and vitality of our institution. Our venue will be the offering of vignettes highlighting these stories on local radio, television or other media outlets. Our vision for the project is to provide a vehicle by which we promote a sense of pride in our campus communities, as well as promote the success of VCU in the Greater Richmond Area and throughout the Commonwealth. Appreciation of the strengths and successes of the institution will enhance morale of faculty and staff, positively affect students, staff and faculty recruitment and retention, and help to maintain VCU as a Research Extensive academic institution.

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