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Research Report

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March 2019


The Strategic Plan for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) describes research as an integral and essential component of the University. The Plan promotes scholarly activities of VCU faculty and encourages research in all areas that demonstrate potential for faculty growth and development. Specifically, one of the goals in the VCU Strategic Plan is to achieve ranking among the top fifty universities in the United States in terms of external funding for research. The Office of the Vice President for Research has played a lead role in this initiative. Current economic concerns and budget deficits in the State of Virginia have had a significant impact upon State institutions, including VCU. Substantial budget cuts have adversely impacted University operations as well as faculty and student motivation and morale. It is within such an economic climate that external funding of research becomes even more important. Not only must VCU safeguard existing grant resources, but it must continue to identify and support mechanisms that will increase external funding of faculty research.

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