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Research Report

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March 2019


The proposal includes the development of a pilot involving a sequence of two honors modules (each one-and-a-half credit hours) in the Department of Psychology. Other disciplines involved would include psychiatry, sociology, women's studies, and women's health. During the first module, scheduled during the first half ofthe semester, the course would be seminar in format on alternating course days with independent experiential work and assignments with chosen faculty on interim class days. Students would write a paper on their experiences and work during the course. The responsibility for coordination of the independent study course would rest with a graduate student (or faculty member) in the home department. Resources for the frnding of this pilot seminar and module would be framed within the current structure for the ftnding of Honors modules. Any additional resources would be requested from the Dean, Provost's and President's offices. Costs for the course would include support for the graduate student coordination ofthe module and a small research fund to support the activities of each honors student. This pilot would be an opportunity to develop a model for interdisciplinary honors module development. Additional ftnding opportunities for expansion of this strategy would be identified with Samantha Marrs in VCU's Office of Corporate and Foundation Giving. In addition, this strategy could inform undergraduate course and academic program development within VCU's Social Science Initiative and ñžnding could be sought in coordination with that effort.

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