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Research Report

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2019 VCU Leadership Development Program Team Projects

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November 2019


VCU is an active, urban university that experiences challenges with pedestrian safety, cyclist safety, and anticipated electric scooter user safety. Pedestrian crashes occur at a high frequency across the VCU campus and steps need to be taken to make pedestrians more aware of the dangers they face in traveling on foot. From 2015 to 2018, there were 84 pedestrian accidents with one fatality within the boundaries of VCU. Set against the backdrop of the ONE VCU Master Plan VCU in Motion aims to increase pedestrian safety by developing educational initiatives and signage to help pedestrians understand current state and local traffic laws and adopt best practices. Study of scholarly literature, communication with local stakeholders, and traffic accident data demonstrate a clear need for intervention in order to increase awareness of the risks to pedestrian safety on and around the ONE VCU campus.

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