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The lack of research on healthcare staff experience and interior design of the spaces they work in is evident. A focus on staff perspective is needed, particularly staff who navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. This research seeks to capture those stories to develop further research in order to improve staff experience. The initial phase of this mixed-methods approach is a survey. Hypothetically, by placing providers at the center of qualitative research related to healthcare interior design, we can better understand existing healthcare spaces. Ideally, we can develop additional evidence-based, human-centered solutions to transform interior environments in healthcare.

The 20-year Women’s Health Study generated essential data on women’s health, but most importantly, the initial research has snowballed into 600+ research reports and continues to feed research that has made an indelible impact on women’s health (About the Women’s Health Study, n.d.).

In the same vein as the Women’s Health Study, this research documents provider experience with interior space and may lead to new healthcare design research. In the long term, the qualitative, grounded-theory approach may lead to remediation of our healthcare spaces by applying transdisciplinary design solutions developed through the research.

Grounded theory research “sets out to discover or construct theory from data” (Chun et al., 2008). This grounded-theory survey is entitled, “COVID-19, Healthcare Interior Design + Provider Experience – How does your space work for you?” Participants are providers working in any level of healthcare with any level of experience. The survey questions allow the provider to identify specific components of their space. Additionally, they were offered the opportunity to share a story about their relationship with their interior work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare staff’s ability to write about their interior environment experiences will offer additional clues about healthcare space and future research.

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Roberto Ventura

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COVID-10, Healthcare Interior Design + Provider Experience - How does your space work for you?